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Stephen Wheeler

I started working with my father Robert Wheeler in Croydon in my mid teens. Enjoying the work so much my dad offered me an apprenticeship. After a four year course at RMIT, I qualified as a Licenced Technician. To further my career l completed the Advanced Dental Technicians course at the Royal Melbourne Dental Hospital.

The course could only be studied after 10 years experience as a Licenced Technician. This enabled me to see my patients directly for full denture construction and mouthguards. Additional study at RMIT in 1996 qualified me to construct partial plates where patients have missing teeth.

At Croydon Dental Laboratory and clinic I've been working with my father, who has since retired and my business partner Mr Graham Hagland for over 35 years.

Graham Hagland

I began my five year apprenticeship with Mr. Robert Wheeler in 1970. Back then it was known as a Dental Mechanics Apprenticeship. My training continued after this, with a two year part time course at Royal Dental Hospital, Melbourne. This was to accentuate my training so that i would become a fully trained advanced dental technician.

A few years later I completed an orthodontics training course. I keep my skills up to date with yearly courses in accredited, Australian Dental Prosthetists Association (Victoria) training seminars. I became a partner in the business in 1983. I’ve been working in the same establishment for over 40 years. I am registered to attend to VDS and DVA patients as well as ADF Personnel for their denture requirements.

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